The secret to offers that SELL vs offers that DON’T Stamp Top Secret by Natasha in The All In Woman

The secret to offers that SELL vs offers that DON’T

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Today I’m going to show you how to get your audience to engage with you and your content. 

A lot of business owners will spend tons of energy to get followers and build the size of their audience. But that alone is not enough to help you make money.

This is because following doesn’t actually mean that your people are seeing your content and paying attention.

The most valuable asset that we have in deepening the relationship with our leads is their attention. Having their attention is the only way that you have an opportunity to relay your message to them. 


Do you remember TGIF from back in the day? 


It was a Friday night time block on TV when shows like Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, Step by Step and Family Matters used to play. 


And let me tell you, every Friday night, I was SEATED.

Its what you call Appointment Viewing

It’s what you call Appointment Viewing. 


That means people knew what to expect and when, so they planned their day around showing up for content that they wanted to consume. 


What’s this got to do with you and your engagement? 

You need to create Appointment Viewing for your audience. 

The problem is that most guides focus on growing your sheer numbers of followers with hacks, rather than helping you engage and build a relationship with your audience. 

The fortune isn’t in the followers alone, enrollment comes from engaging.

By the end of this email, we’ll address 3 common challenges to getting engagement:

  1. What to talk about
  2. How often to post
  3. How to increase the likelihood that your audience will see and participate

Here’s how to increase engagement and turn your content into appointment viewing. 


Step 1: Identify Your Magnificent Obsession


Picking the topic that you talk about is about more than just selecting your area of expertise. 


In order to be successful, your topic has to be more than interesting, it has to be a magnificent obsession. Something you can talk night and day about. That you’ll study, absorb and pursue endlessly.


To get your audience on board with showing up over and over to engage, you first have to be fully sold on this topic. 


What is a big result are you obsessed with?


Step 2: Create a Weekly Show


Next we’ll steal a page out of the TV guide (no, not that TV Guide) and commit yourself to showing up for your audience weekly.


Producing a weekly show will teach your audience to expect to hear from you on a regular basis and gives you an opportunity to go deeper with them on your topic. This builds Know, Like and Trust, and allows you to learn what resonates with your people. 


Pick a platform and time that you’ll commit to every week. Options for your content include: live video, podcast, Twitter thread or email.


Step 3: Stick with it for 90 days and track the results


Finally, start creating your content and show up consistently. This is the key to growing an engaged audience. You have to be engaged first and they will follow your lead!

Stick with it for 90 days and track the results The All in Woman by Natasha - Russell Brunson

People probably won’t show up at first. That’s fine. You have to train your audience to turn it into appointment viewing. 


I did an experiment where I challenged myself to record daily FB Lives for 30 days. At first, no one was watching. But midway through the month my numbers started to increase dramatically.  


Here’s were results:

  • My engagement increased over 100%  
  • More than 50 registered for the event I was promoting that month 
  • And in the month following I closed $40k in sales. 


My recommendation is to stick with weekly content for 90 days. Here’s why. When I was starting out I read a guide that said to produce my show every week for a year. That sounded overwhelming so I said let’s start with 90 days. 


Ninety days later I’d already transformed so much. I ultimately did stick with it for a year and it helped me to gain an engaged following, making more than $100k and developing my on-camera confidence. 


If you found this helpful, shoot us a message on Twitter or Instagram @theallinwoman and let us know if you have any questions after you go through the exercise.

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