Hey, I’m Natasha, marketing strategist and business coach. But I was never supposed to be a successful entrepreneur, here’s how I got here.

As a kid, I always received the message that the path to success was to go to school and get a good job.

So, I did exactly that. I went to school, I got a great job, and I worked in PR and marketing for 15 years, helping big, multinational brands grow their audience and impact.

I was making money. I was respected.

But here’s the plot twist: It didn’t make me feel successful or fulfilled.

And after having my son, my perspective completely changed. It wasn’t enough to just have fulfillment and financial freedom, my time became more valuable than anything in the world.

I needed to do something different.
I knew in my heart I wanted more.

But I didn’t grow up with many examples of entrepreneurship, especially Black female entrepreneurs. So building a business felt like forbidden territory.

And once I started, I struggled to find mentors who looked like me, sounded like me and thought like me. Ones who succeeded in business and understood me.

That’s why I’ve devoted myself to supporting and guiding our community. I want to share the knowledge I didn’t have to inspire more women to build wealth and legacies of their own.

Because you and your vision are worth it.

It’s my mission to help people like you share your stories with the world, grow in how you see yourself, and make more money while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Join me, and let’s make business more fun and profitable than it’s ever been before.

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You deserve a business that lights up your life, and I’m on a mission to help you create it. I share simple, scalable marketing and sales systems with experts like you, so you know exactly how to get consistent clients and can enjoy time and financial freedom.