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2-Step Process to Creating Better Content

By the end of this blog, I promise to solve all 3 of these problems:

  1. You’re not sure what topics to write about
  2. You’re not sure if you should talk about a subject again
  3. You’re not sure how to pick a topic that will resonate with your audience

To get you there, we’re going to use the Unlimited Content Engine – one of the core frameworks we use in Captivate.

And we’re going to go through the Specificity & Top of Mind Test
Buckle up buttercup, let’s dive in.

Step 1

Finding the general subjects you want to write about starts with asking yourself 1 simple question:

What do I want to be known for?

The reason for this particular question is because our goal is repetition. 

Most entrepreneurs think that they can’t repeat themselves. But it ain’t true. Success is all about simple, relevant messages that you can repeat over and over so that you brand yourself into the public consciousness.

In the same way that you reuse your logo again and again so that people know you for that image, you want to repeat your message again and again so people know you for that idea. 

That means we want to select a subject, a very specific subject, that you can own and be known for, and eventually become a category king on that subject.

Let me show you an example of how we did this last week with our client Kyerin.


We had him brain dump all of the subjects he’s been learning about for the past few years and problems he’s been solving for clients. 


Here’s what what his list looked like:

Heres what what his list looked like

Now you should have a nice long list that looks something like this. 


From here you want to lean into the topics that really speak to you. 


Read through your list, which ones are you really excited about?


Step 2


Now let’s leverage the Specificity & Top of Mind Test. 


The subjects that convert clients are always two things:

  1. Specific
  2. Top of mind


That means you want to narrow your subject down as much as possible, and you want it to reflect the current frustrations or desires of your target audience. 


So coming back to Kyerin’s example. He’s a health and fitness professional and he wants to talk about health. Obviously, this is a very broad subject, so we had to narrow this down. 


  • Version 1: Health
  • Version 2: Improving your physical health 
  • Version 3: Improving your physical health in your 60s for Baby Boomers
  • Version 4: Improving your physical health in your 60s for Baby Boomers who are experiencing joint, muscle and ligament pain from aging and overuse.


Do you see how that last one is specific and reflects what’s top of mind for that market? 


Once you drill down, not only do you have a topic that’s specific and top of mind, you’ve got a subject that you can become the category king of.  

Getting Into Action

We’ve covered some good ground today, so let’s recap. 

Here’s everything you need to do:

  • Schedule a quiet distraction free hour to brainstorm
  • Start extracting all the ideas of what you want to be known for
  • Pick out the 3 ideas that speak to you the most
  • Narrow down your subject by using the Specificity and Top of Mind Test

So did I keep my promise?

Once you do this exercise you should have:

  • A narrowed list of topics you are confident to write about
  • Hundreds of potential ideas
  • Clarity for the next 3 days

If you found this helpful, there’s plenty more like this on the way to your inbox over the new few weeks.

That’s it.

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